We provide tailored digital solutions for your business's needs.


Established in the heart of Brussels in 2009, Dux Development has been offering services in real estate project management and digital innovation. Our roots in Belgium's vibrant capital have enabled us to cultivate a rich array of experiences, working closely with real estate developers and a diverse range of international clients.


Our team is our greatest asset. Comprising a diverse group of passionate freelance professionals, each member brings a unique blend of expertise and creativity to the table.


We imagine a future where the magic of AI and digital tools open new doors for businesses of all sizes. We're here to turn that imagination into reality by creating personalized plans for our clients. Our aim is simple - to arm our clients with the right digital tools that fuel their growth and stay a step ahead in their journey.


Starting in 2023, we're dedicating ourselves to help small and medium-sized businesses grow. We're all about making sure small and medium-sized businesses have the right digital tools they need to succeed. Our mission is straightforward and focused: to boost our clients' revenue and ensure they consistently outpace their competition.
We proudly work with selected companies.


How we work



We collaborate closely with clients to pinpoint the problem and desired solutions. This phase allows us to identify opportunities where our digital solutions can be game-changers.


With the insights we gather, our team creates custom solutions that match the client's vision. We test and adjust repeatedly until the final product meets your needs.


Once developed, we ensure a smooth rollout of the solution. We stand by our work, offering support and making necessary tweaks to guarantee it fits perfectly into your operations.